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Small Business drives the Economy

The core philosophy behind The B-Train is based on the synergy between tradition and innovation. We believe in using technology to our advantage while adhering to the original pillars and values of our organization.

Since opening in 2016, we’ve always been committed to improving. Whether it’s simplifying operations or making courses more straightforward, we do everything possible to create the best learning environment.  The B-Train expands our class room training to a streaming media environment.


Here to Help You Grow

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Executive Director, The Industry Hub

Terry started the Industry Hub in 2016 to help communities understand and implement incubators to encourage small business start-ups.  From that The B-Train was born.  Small businesses need a lot of support.  This 24/7 streaming media platform allows businesses to get training on their schedules.

Terry has an MBA from Syracuse University.  She has been in marketing over 35 years with multiple successes. 

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Producer, ZTV

Zondra has 40+ years of corporate experience and is a Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of Real Biz Talk with Zondra, a global TV platform to showcase small businesses on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Chromecast, Comcast cable and several other streaming platforms.  She is also the Host and Executive Producer for an unscripted Talk Show called “Fireside Chat with Zondra.”   As founder and owner of ZEDs Corp – ZTV, her goal is to provide an affordable global media exposure experience for small businesses.  Her motto is… – “Be Heard, Be Seen and Grow”.  She is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills and personal growth. She is a certified Self-Investment Coach and Strategist, helping people navigate the terse waters of their personal and professional journey.  Zondra is a motivational speaker and is known for her revitalizing messages which makes her the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining, seminars, lunches, and partner programs. She offers a dynamic mix of message and realism, interspersing concrete solutions along with street-smart insights. 

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President, Quick Books Made to Order

If there were such a thing as a maestro of QuickBooks, Everett Burton would be it. Often referred to as “The QuickBooks Whisperer”, get him in front of a computer and like a master musician who has long since transformed mere technique into an art form, Everett understands and teaches QuickBooks like no one else.

A QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor and Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft Office, Everett launched QuickBooks Made to Order in 2008, and has taught thousands of small business professionals across the country how to manage their businesses more effectively with QuickBooks.

Previously, Everett provided training on QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro software applications for Real World Training, based in Dallas. In that position, he developed and conducted onsite seminars for companies of all sizes in the United States and Canada.

Everett began his professional career in the Education Computing Services division of IBM and worked maintaining systems for IBM’s education centers across the country. He honed his technical skills at Andersen Consulting in Dallas where he provided desk/network system support for Child/Adult Protective Services.

In that position, Everett was responsible for network installations at various sites and designed and implemented hardware and software training modules for over 2000 employees in 60 offices throughout Texas.

Everett’s training is not only thorough; it is empowering, motivating, dynamic and captivating. Whether you love QuickBooks or hate it, after you’ve heard Everett teach, you’ll never think about QuickBooks the same way again. He’s a single Dad who currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Founder and President, EBR

Krystal Yates is a Certified HR professional with a background in both Human Resources and Operations.  Prior to starting EBR, Krystal worked for several small businesses in DFW with responsibility for HR, Operations, Finance, Marketing, & Management.  Additionally, she has been working with job seekers since 2010 assisting in all facets of job hunting including resume writing, networking and interview prep. In September 2018, Krystal published her first book, The Insider's Guide to Your Dream Career.

Krystal holds both the SHRM-SCP and SPHR certifications and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Counsel.  She serves on the board of Feral Friends Community Cat and mentors small business owners through SCORE.

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Stan has been involved in website development and eCommerce since 1994 when he founded a personalized gift and awards business in North Texas. The company website migrated from AOL to the world wide web in 1997 and grew over 20 years to over 500 closely optimized pages which drew clients in all fifty states.  Thousands of competitors in this difficult market had access to the same products nationwide. 

Many of the personalized gift companies' products achieved free page one ranking on Google at various times and he developed a broad understanding of how to market using the fast-changing web.  He discusses multiple techniques you can apply from day one to increase web traffic.

Stan has lectured and mentored eCommerce for SCORE for five years and consults on website structure. He will share a mix of research-based strategies including website design, the use of all available social media and local search platforms to get results. His management overview of a complex subject draws on many free sources to enable you to develop, then implement the optimum structure for your budget and market.  He will suggest many mainly free research and audit tools and give you the skills you need to plan and oversee your eCommerce function. You can then decide whether to use a contractor to build or change your website structure and footprint to meet your needs.

Stan is an immigrant from South Africa of American extraction - really - listen to the accent!

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COO & Lead Government Contracting Liaison
Allied Supply Chain Support & Services

David Jackson is the COO and Lead Government Contracting Liaison at Allied-SCSS. He specializes in providing business development and business process improvement consulting. David's approach and methodology is aimed at maximizing the two most essential assets of all business owners; their time and their money. Throughout his career he has directly led management teams on federal, state and local contracts valued at over $55 Million. His contracting experience ranges from Facilities Management, IT Consulting, and Commercial Construction to name a few. As a servant leader, David's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to see past themselves and their personal limitations and seek out specialized knowledge and skills.
"As a business owner you can't offered to lack intelligence, for intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills."

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Non-Profit Consultant

Linda Gray is a non-profit business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Currently, she is the President of Corporate Connections and a Certified Business Mentor for SCORE in Dallas, Texas. Linda's level of expertise led her to assist with designing Collin College's curriculum for their Non-Profit Management Certification. In return, she also spent the past 5 years working as a Lead Instructor for the non-profit program she helped develop.

Linda has successfully assisted hundreds of non-profit organizations receive technical assistance in order to earn their IRS 501c3 certification. Her professional affiliated memberships include the American Association of Grant Professionals and National Grants Management Association. Linda is also the Co-Founder of R L Gray Community Development Outreach, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization providing support to children and families in the Dallas area.

Linda's mission is to give back to the community by equipping others with the tools to be successful.

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Business Strategist

Best known in the community for strategic planning, business development strategies, and professional empowerment, Darlisa has blazed the trail of entrepreneurship with passion and force.  Educated with bachelors in Marketing Management, Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science and Information Technology, she has used her knowledge to educate, empower, and encourage the lives of many individuals looking to make entrepreneurship a reality.    

Darlisa has worked with over 600 aspiring and seasoned business owners….helping them to perfect their passion as an Entrepreneur or to determine that Entrepreneurship was not right fit for them.

As a measure of her heart and dedication to entrepreneurship, in November of 2018, she opened and independently funded the 1st African American owned Business Resource Center in the DFW community.   As a privately funded organization, her center works to ensure a focus on educating and training Entrepreneurs on the practical foundations of entrepreneurship.  They service business owners from any stage in the process. As a personal preference, Darlisa loves to provide resources to the underserved, under-serviced and micro-enterprise entities.  It is her personal goal to partner with local business owners and organizations to grow the Entrepreneur ecosystem in Northeast Tarrant County, Texas.

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